Alpacas for sale

We always have alpacas for sale. 

Below is a selection of pregnant females currently for sale. 

If you would like any further information on any of them please contact Mark on: 0788 054 2260 or by email:
If there is something specific that you are looking and don't see on the list please give Mark a call as we may be able to help.

We pride ourselves on our committed attitude to offering a comprehensive back-up service to purchasers of our alpacas, particularly those new to alpaca breeding. 
All alpacas born here are part of the Patou family and it is always sad to see them go. 

It is very important to us that any new owner of our animals has the knowledge and ability to give these wonderful animals the best possible life. 

They have had a great start to life with us and we want to ensure we offer the appropriate support to enable that to continue.

Patou Hermione. 

Born: 17/06/2016

Colour: Medium Brown

Sire: Van Diemen Qjori of Patou (AUS)
Dam: Patou Minstrel

Price: £3,000 plus VAT (£3,600)

Previous cria: 3

2021 Fibre Stats:

AFD: 27.7 / SD: 5.2 / CV: 18.6

CRV: 25.5 / CF: 75.5%

Hermione is a well grown, conformationally correct, well balanced female with a good breeding history behind her.
She falls pregnant easily and her cria grow very well.
Although only 5 years old she has already had three quality cria.
We are retaining her cria from last year into our core group of breeding females.
Mated this summer to Toft Timogen she scanned pregnant on 22/10/21.
Last mating date was: 10/08/2021
She has a pedigree which includes the hugely influential Australian black male, Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca.


Patou Imogen. 

Born: 13/08/2020
Colour: White
Sire: Classical MileEnd Rococo
Dam: NZ Southern Tatiana of Cambridge (NZ)
Price: £3,000 plus VAT (£3,600)

2021 Fibre Stats:

AFD: 16.2 / SD: 3.0 / CV: 18.8

CRV: 43.2 / CF: 100%

Imogen is a very well grown, conformationally correct, well balanced female with a beautifully fine, dense and supersoft handling fleece. 

She has a great USA/NZ pedigree and looks to be a very promising breeding female.

She fell pregnant very easily this summer and scanned pregnant to Patou Snow Goose on 22/10/21.

This union will very probably produce a white cria next summer.

Last mating date was 20/08/2021


Reddingvale Katerina. 

Born: 21/06/2010
Colour: Light Fawn

Sire: Eringa Park Lion Heart ET of Cambridge

Dam: Reddingvale Anastasia

Price: £3,000 plus VAT (£3,600)

Previous cria: 5

2020 Fibre Stats:

AFD: 28.2 / SD: 5.4 / CV: 19.3

CRV: 38.2 / CF: 67.2

Katerina is a very attractive female with a conformationally correct, solid compact frame.

She has a tremendous pedigree which includes NWA Ltd Ruffo, Jolimont Gianmarco and Jolimont Sculptor as well as Peruvian Hemmingway.
A reliable breeder, Katerina produces fast growing cria. 

This summer she gave birth to a cracking brown male sired by Toft Timogen.
We were so pleased with this result that we put Katerina back to Timogen and she scanned pregnant on the 22/10/2021.


                  Reddingvale Miss Mac.                  

Born: 12/07/2015

Colour: Black
Sire: Wimmera Skies Class Act of Reddingvale
Dam: Sherlin Kenzie of Anzac (IMP)

Previous cria: 2

Price: £3,000 plus VAT (£3,600)

2020 Fiber Stats:
AFD: 26.0 / SD: 5/2 / CV: 19.8
CRV: 30.2 / CF: 82.3%

Miss Mac is an attractive black female with a solid frame and good conformation. 
She has an all AUS/NZ pedigree with a lot of solid black genetics in there.
Miss Mac scanned pregnant on 22/10/21 to Toft Timogen.

Last mating date was: 13/06/2021
Timogen has a propensity to throw black when put over black females and we think it highly likely that Miss Mac will produce a black cria next summer.