Here are some of the cria born here during the summer of 2021. This years naming theme is mountains, mainly.

Patou Kampalili a beautiful fawn daughter to Patou Peach Naga and Patou Snow Goose. Kampalili is our first Rococo/Goose cross.

Patou Mississippi a lovely light brown female, a trouser nibbler. Daughter to Patou Rio and Patou Snow Goose.

Patou Sibilini a gorgeous black female. Her mother is Patou Umbria and her sire is Toft Timogen.

Patou Sesame, a full sister to Patou Cicely. Her mother is Patou Cinnamon, sire Patou Snow Goose. A gorgeous bibbly bobbly fleece.

Patou Periwinkle, a lovely light brown female sired by Patou Snow Goose. Her mother Patou Madagascar, is a Toft Timogen daughter.

Patou Nevsky, a lovely brown male sired by Toft Timogen from Reddingvale Katerina.

Patou Khumbu a light fawn male sired by Patou Snow Goose. His mother is Patou Willow.

Patou Charbonnel is a lovely rich brown male, son of Patou Hermione and Patou Snow Goose.

Patou Kinabalu, a very handsome fawn male from Patou Sabrina and Patou Snow Goose.