Males for sale. 

We do also have a selection of castrated pet males available, please get in touch if you want to visit.

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Three young pet males - For sale as a group - £2000

Tomba (brown), Skipper (fawn) Bolt (white).

These handsome young males were all born last Summer (2023) and are currently undergoing halter training. They are all well grown healthy young males with super soft luxurious fleeces. They would make a great group of alpacas for someone looking to own alpacas on a small scale. They are all easy to deal with.

Young alpaca males will need castrating at 18 months of age. 

Full and comprehensive back-up service is provided and I will make sire that you have the skills and knowledge to give the boys a healthy and happy future.

Patou Rubin - Potential Stud male (unproven). £2,750

Patou Rubin is an exceptional young male with a great future ahead of him.
His pedigree is absolutely packed with top quality genetics as a result of many years 'layering' and it really does show in this young future herd sire.
His sire, Classical Mile End Rococo, was the BAS National Champion Brown Male in 2017.
His dam, Patou Madagascar, was sired by Toft Timogen, BAS National Champion Brown Male in 2014 and 2015 and Reserve Champion in 2016.
Rubin has clearly inherited qualities from both of those big hitting males.
Conformationally he is very well balanced with a good solid frame and a true upright 'macho' stance.
His fleece is very fine, (15.2 microns) very dense and very uniform in colour and micron.
I believe this male will fulfil his tremendous potential and would be a very astute purchase whilst affordable at this young age.

He will be ready to work next summer.

Sire: Classical Mile End Rococo (Light brown)
Dam: Patou Madagascar (Black)
Type: Stud Male (Unproven)
Colour: Medium Fawn (Solid Colour)
Registered With: BAS - UKBAS16172
Blood Lineage: USA/AUS

Date of Birth: 28th June 2022

Diameter (Micron) of first fleece sample: 15.20µ

Last Fleece: (1st) 15.29µ / SD 3.8µ / CV 25.3% / SF 15.40µ / Curvature 44.60 deg/mm Staple Length 90 mm
(taken on 4th June 2023 at 11 months of age)

Prizes Won: 2024 North Somerset Show - 1st Intermediate Fawn Male & CHAMPION FAWN MALE.
2024 BAS National Show - 4th Intermediate Fawn Male (Class of 12)
2023 Devon County Show - 1st Junior Fawn Male & RESERVE CHAMPION FAWN MALE

Patou Archer - Stud Male. £3,750

Patou Archer is a strong, young, brown male at the beginning of his life as a herd sire.

Phenotypically, Archer is beautifully balanced on a compact, conformationally correct, solid frame with great weight of bone.
He has a good width and depth of chest and is a powerful, well muscled male.
His fleece is fine, very dense and very uniform in both colour and micron. He grows a good staple length and his fibre coverage is excellent.

Genetically, with Patou Snow Goose he has some real quality as well as a depth of colour on his sire's side.
His dam Patou Willow, is black and has a lot of colour behind her too, including Van Diemen Qjori of Patou and Lillyfield Jack of Spades.

Archer has a lovely temperament, he is very calm and laid back and an absolute joy to work with.

Archer matured early produced his first progeny in 2023. He has several more due to be born this Summer.
Sire: Patou Snow Goose
Dam: Patou Willow
Type: Stud Male (Proven Stud)
Colour: Medium Brown (Solid Colour)
Registered With: BAS - UKBAS41854
Blood Lineage: PERU/AUS

Date of Birth: 14th June 2020

Diameter (Micron) of first fleece sample: 18.20µ

Last Fleece: (3rd) 21.10µ / SD 4.2µ / CV 20.1% / SF 20.40µ / Curvature 46.60 deg/mm Staple Length 100 mm
(taken on 4th June 2023 at 3 Years of age) 

Prizes Won:
2024 North Somerset Show - 1st Adult Brown Male
2024 BAS National Show - 2nd Adult Brown Male.
2023 BAS National Show - 1st Adult Brown Male.

2023 N.Somerset Show - 2nd Adult Brown Male.
2022 Somerset County Show - 1st Adult Brown Male
2022 South West Alpaca Group Fleece Show - Brown Huacaya Fleece 12-24 months - 1st and RESERVE CHAMPION brown fleece.
2022 Midlands (West Shires) Show - 2nd Adult Brown Male.
2021 Midlands (West Shires) Show - 2nd Intermediate Brown Male

Patou Magnum - Potential Stud Male (Unproven). £2,000.

Patou Magnum is a real prospect for the future.
Sired by two time National Champion Brown male, Toft Timogen he has inherited a lot of his sire's fleece characteristics.

On his dam's side is EP Cambridge Lion Heart, Jolimont Gianmarco, Jolimont Sculpture and the legendary NWA Ltd Ruffo.

Magnum's fleece is fine, very dense and extremely uniform both in colour and micron. It also has that high frequency, high amplitude crimp style which is highly sought after.

That fleece sits on a conformationally correct and strong frame, with good weight of bone and a fabulous 'macho' presence.

Magnum will start his working life as a herd sire in the summer of 2024 and would make a great investment at this early age.

Sire: Toft Timogen (Dark Brown)

Dam: Reddingvale Katerina (Medium Fawn)

Colour: Medium Brown

Date of Birth: 3rd June 2022

Fleece: (1st) AFD 18.7µ / SD 3.40µ / CV 17.9% / SF 17.80µ / Curvature 47.60 deg/mm Staple Length 85 mm 

(taken on 4th June 2023 at 1 Year of age) 

Fibre Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Prizes Won: 

2023 BAS National Show - Junior Brown Male - 3rd (Class of 12)

2023 Devon County Show - Junior Brown Male - 2nd

If you would like any further information please contact Mark on: 0788 054 2260 or by email:

If there is something specific that you are looking and don't see on the list please give Mark a call as we may be able to help.

We pride ourselves on our committed attitude to offering a comprehensive back-up service to purchasers of our alpacas, particularly those new to alpaca breeding.
All alpacas born here are part of the Patou family and it is always sad to see them go.

It is very important to us that any new owner of our animals has the knowledge and ability to give these wonderful animals the best possible life.

They have had a great start to life with us and we want to ensure we offer the appropriate support to enable that to continue.


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