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Patou Cinnamon - Pregnant female with female cria at foot. £4,000


Cinnamon is a stand out female in the paddock with a 'look at me' presence about her.
Phenotypically she has great conformation, a well balanced frame which has a good weight of bone, great depth and width of chest and a lovely true to type head style.
Her fleece is very fine and dense with a beautiful soft handle and good uniformity throughout.

Genetically Cinnamon has the great Toft Timogen as her sire, consequently her 5th fleece was measured at still only 21 microns.
On her dam's side is Popham Thunder.
Cinnamon is a proven breeder having had two high quality cria previously (both females).
Cinnamon has a very promising light fawn female cria at foot sired by Patou Archer.
Cinnamon was covered by Inca Patriot on the 17th of July.

Sire: Toft Timogen / Dam: Patou Nutmeg 

Colour: Medium Fawn / Date of Birth: 6th July 2017

Fleece: (6th) AFD 20.8µ / SD 4.00µ / CV 19.1% / SF 19.90µ / Curvature 52.40 deg/mm Staple Length 95 mm (taken on 4th June 2023 at 5 Years and 11 Months of age) 

Fibre Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Prizes Won: 2019 Somerset County Show - 1st Adult Fawn Female 


2018 National Show - 3rd Junior Fawn Female 

Sex of cria at foot: Female. Sire of cria at foot: Patou Archer (Dark Brown) 

Date of birth of cria: 01/07/2023

Covering Male: Inca Patriot (medium brown)

Last mating date: 17/07/23

Patou Periwinkle - Pregnant Female. £3,000

Periwinkle is a lovely stylish looking young dark fawn female about to start her life as a breeding female.
Phenotypically she has a very pleasing look to her. She has a solid, well balanced and well proportioned frame with good depth and width of chest and a true to type head.
Periwinkle has a fine fleece which is very dense and bright. She grows a long staple length and she has a nice soft handle.
Genetically she is equally as impressive with her sire being Patou Snow Goose and her mother Patou Madagascar being a Toft Timogen daughter.
Periwinkle has a host of coloured 'giants' in her pedigree including Lavendar Park Tulley, ATA Cambridge Centurion and Canchones Witness.
She is halter trained and is easily handled. 

Sire: Patou Snow Goose
Dam: Patou Madagascar
Colour: Dark Fawn (Solid Colour) 
Date of Birth: 1st June 2021
Fleece: (1st) 19.00µ SD 4.60µ CV 24.30%
2nd Fleece: AFD 22.2µ / SD 5.0µ / CV 22.7% / SF 22.00µ / Curvature 44.40 deg/mm  Staple Length 90 mm (taken on 4th June 2023 at 2yrs of age).
Prizes won: 2022 Ellingham & Ringwood Show - 3rd Intermediate Fawn Female.

Covering male: Inca Patriot
Last mating date: 13/06/23

Patou Piccola - Pregnant Female. £2,500

Piccola is a an attractive, young, dark fawn proven breeding female.
Phenotypically she has a well proportioned with a well balanced, correct frame and a true to type head.
Piccola has a reasonably fine fleece which is dense and bright.
Genetically she has some outstanding names to call upon.
Her sire, Patou Snow Goose, has on his side, Hanley Hall RA Polaris and his grandfather the legendary Rural Alianza Wiracocha of Wessex, Windsong Valley Mateus of Wessex and ATA Cambridge Centurion.
On his dams side is Van Diemen Qjori of Patou and the great Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca.
Piccola was a fast developing female and gave birth to her first cria at 2yrs of age. She was mated in 2022 but scanned empty in October. 

Sire: Patou Snow Goose
Dam: Patou Misket
Colour: Dark Fawn (Solid Colour)
Date of Birth: 2nd August 2020 

Diameter (Micron) of first fleece sample: 20.60µ

Fleece: (2nd) 22.60µ SD 4.50µ CV 19.80% % Over 30 Microns(µ) 6.30% SF 21.80µ Curvature 34.10 deg/mm Staple Length 90 mm
(taken on 1st June 2022 at 1 Year and 10 Months of age) 

Covering Male: Inca Patriot
Last mating date: 13/06/23

Patou Florence - Pregnant Female. £2,500

Florence is an attractive dark brown female with a lovely gentle nature. She is well conformed with a well balanced, solid frame. She has a lovely true to type head and is very inquisitive.
Her fleece is very dense and soft handling with a pleasing structure to it. She has great fibre coverage and is very even in colour.
She was covered by Inca Patriot and was spitting off nicely at 6 weeks.

Sire: Classical Mile End Rococo (Light Brown)
Dam; Reddingvale Francesca
Colour: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: 20/08/2020
Fleece (3rd): AFD: 24.7, SD: 5.0, CV: 20.4, CRV 41.8, SF 23.9
(Taken on 4th June 2023)
Covering Male: Inca Patriot
Last mating date: 28/06/23

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